Claudio Rojas - Hurt Capital - Western Law

Claudio R Rojas

Managing Director, Hurt Capital Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Claudio Rojas is Managing Director at Hurt Capital Inc., a founder centric investment and venture capital platform. 

For almost a decade, Claudio has established a track record in identifying world-class founder centric companies, investing during periods of uncertainty, and successfully holding for the long term. He holds domain expertise in founder-oriented ownership structures and consumer-oriented technology – alongside an exceptionally long-term entrepreneurial mindset. 

Claudio’s research on founder centrism, recently featured by the University of Oxford and the European Corporate Governance Institute, bridges the gap between scholarly inquiry and real-world application to investment. His innovative work, published in the University of British Columbia Law Review, integrates legal and economic analysis, with particular emphasis on the impact of ownership structure and governance on economic efficiency. 

Claudio is a member of the European Corporate Governance Institute, holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Western Ontario, Master of Business Administration from the Ivey Business School, and has achieved all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations. He is a lawyer member of the Bar of Ontario, and a founding member of the Institute for Founder Centric Studies – an ambitious endeavour to reimagine securities law, corporate governance and 21st century enterprise.

Twitter: @claudio__rojas (double underscore)